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There is redemption - we are living it. In fact, you and I were made for this. As God’s word says, we are truly His masterpiece and His priority. His love for us goes beyond reason and human understanding and yet He has revealed His deepest secrets and desires for us through our relationship with Jesus Christ. His love surely came and found us and we are never going to be the same. He intentionally chose us to be His own. Whatever worthwhile parts of our hearts, minds, and bodies that have been destroyed, devastated, devoured, discarded and dumped will be gathered up and made into something beautiful and relevant. That is redemption, and that is us being made in Him. This Advent lets gather to look once again at our destiny and hope through the lens of our Redemption.


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The concepts and principles of the word karma originate from the Southeast Asian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The term karma connects actions and results, causes and effects for not only past lives but subsequent or reincarnate lives as well. Good and bad happenings and outcomes experienced in this life are collective results of deeds and character in those previous lives. With karma there is a circle or cycle of life - or you could just say, a recycle bin of life. In western pop-culture, there has evolved a shallow sense of putting off good karma and bad karma. It's very social, very neutral, very cool. Based on the shape of things we might be in some real trouble in our next life. Whoa!



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As a general definition, covenant is a written agreement or promise usually under seal between two or more parties especially for the performance of some action or exchange of shared expectations.

A world without covenants would be anarchy. A world with covenants constantly broken and violated is as we have discovered just as bad if not worse.


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work. life. balance.

Work, life, and balance! By now, you and I have discovered the constant tension existing between the three. If it is too loose - things fall apart, if it is too tight - things are torn apart. Finding the healthy and positive tension is the key. The key to that tension is found within our passions, our preferences, and our responsibilities.


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Saving the Saved​​

One of our founding leaders once said, "a large part of our ministry is saving the saved.” Twenty years later, I am fully understanding the depth and width of what turns out to be a very prophetic observation. Who are these ‘lost sheep’?  They are the believers who know the way but have somehow lost their will and love for living that way. Believing in Jesus, but no longer following Jesus, is pretty much the saved who need to be saved. Are they lost and know they are lost?  Seeking somehow to rekindle and reignite the fire of their faith? Seeking to rediscover their missing passion for following Jesus, and their love for the very God who saved them? Or, are they lost and just simply content with abusing and misusing the grace of a God whom they know loves them and has paid a great price to reveal that love and make a place for them at His table?


I believe this is the time to reach out and start the difficult conversations with anyone who feels they are trending or drifting away from the very things they have believed in. These are extremely healthy conversations for the church of Jesus to have with its believers. But, more than just talk is needed - it is time to save the saved. Over the next five weeks let's have that conversation without fear, failure or push-back. Join me at Reunion, to do just that!





Ecclesiastes - Reality & Wisdom In the Midst of the Unrealistic & Foolish

The mysteries of fallen human existence are self-admitted and well documented, and because of our appetite for social media, who we are and what we are capable of (both good and bad) is just simply, as they say, "out there." For most Americans, we are living life pretty close to how we want to live it. And for most of us, we are asking just about every question under the sun, while pretty much having access to everything under it as well. But once we have exhausted our vain dabbling into secular existence, when we have finished filtering all of life and people through our lens of negativity and pessimism, and when we are finally worn out and sick to death of wallowing in our self-loathing and self-pitied pride the ancient truths of Ecclesiastes will tell us there is something different and there is something more!