This year I have asked seven couples to pray and then collaborate with one another to share a unique blend of insight, scripture, and personal life experiences to the Holy Week journey. This was not an easy assignment! But they have come through in a wonderful and inspiring way to make this year's devotional something very special. Our theme for Holy week is "Revealed." Each couple took a day of the week of our Lord to share thoughts on how Christ has been revealed to them. Sunday - Revealed in Triumph, Monday - Revealed in the Moment, Tuesday - Revealed in the Tension. Wednesday - Revealed in Contempt, Thursday - Revealed in Temptation, Friday - Revealed in Death - Saturday - Revealed in Trust. On Resurrection Sunday we will share our message "Revealed in Love."  My prayer for you and our entire community at Reunion is that we will walk together on this amazing journey of faithfulness to faith and that Christ will reveal Himself to you in ways you have never known or experienced before!


- Pastor Steve Isaac