Was this army nuts?

Was this army nuts? What army conquers a city by walking around it for a week, then blowing trumpets?  Not only nuts but totally embarrassing for tough soldiers. Right? Nope.  Someone had to seriously have heard from God very clearly to do such a crazy thing.  Not only heard from God but obeyed Him.  Risked the army and Israel’s reputation.  

There are numerous examples of crazy actions that God blessed in Scripture. All based on hearing God’s voice clearly and having the faith and courage to obey, no matter how crazy it sounded.  

God hasn’t changed. He still speaks, still works miracles and still does it in ways that make no sense to our human understanding.  As believers, we don’t have to live ordinary, boring lives chained to the drudgery of this world. We can be a part of His miraculous work of loving, serving, and bringing hope.  Let’s start with quiet listening to His voice and then faith filled responses to His instructions.

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