Saving the Saved​​ / The Lemba and the Levite

One of our founding leaders once said, "a large part of our ministry is saving the saved.” Twenty years later, I am fully understanding the depth and width of what turns out to be a very prophetic observation. Who are these ‘lost sheep’?  They are the believers who know the way but have somehow lost their will and love for living that way. Believing in Jesus, but no longer following Jesus, is pretty much the saved who need to be saved. Are they lost and know they are lost?  Seeking somehow to rekindle and reignite the fire of their faith? Seeking to rediscover their missing passion for following Jesus, and their love for the very God who saved them? Or, are they lost and just simply content with abusing and misusing the grace of a God whom they know loves them and has paid a great price to reveal that love and make a place for them at His table?

I believe this is the time to reach out and start the difficult conversations with anyone who feels they are trending or drifting away from the very things they have believed in. These are extremely healthy conversations for the church of Jesus to have with its believers. But, more than just talk is needed - it is time to save the saved. Over the next five weeks let's have that conversation without fear, failure or push-back. Join me at Reunion, to do just that!

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes

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