Chesterton on Lent #2

"The test of true religion is that [it is]... always trying to make men, not merely admit the truth, but see, smell, handle, hear, and devour the truth."

-G.K. Chesterton  (Alarms and Discursions)

“Truth?” Asks Pilate, “what is truth?” Truth is only the most important thing in our lives, and dependence on truth means knowing truth. Finding truth in Christ Jesus means our lives are changed, and we are reborn. Once we have found truth we should run joyfully to the top of the nearest hill and shout, sing, proclaim, exclaim--not to mention tweet, post, blog, vlog, and update--telling the whole world that renewal and life are possible now that we know Truth.

O Lord, deepen my understanding of Truth, mold my mind to accept the Truth, permeate my soul with truth so that I might arm myself to battle the falsehoods proclaimed always and everywhere in the world. Equip me, O Lord, to fight for the Truth. Amen. Gilbert and Frances Chesterton, pray for us.


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