Chesterton on Lent #1

"Bowing down one's head in the dust is a very good thing, the humble beginning of all happiness. When we have bowed our heads in the dust for a little time, the happiness comes; and then (leaving our heads in the humble and reverent position) we kick up our heels behind in the air. That is the true origin of standing on one's head; and the ultimate defence of paradox."

-G.K. Chesterton  (Daily News, March 16, 1910)

Ash Wednesday: a somber and penitential day to begin our journey through Lent to the Glory of Easter.  But still--a joyful day. Why? Because it’s a new beginning, a chance to start over, turn over a new leaf. There’s hope for me yet. I join my heart with Jesus in the desert. I want to make sacrifices with Him. I want to love Him more in my neighbor. I want to become more humble, simple, and silent with Him.

God, Our Father, please give me the strength to follow Christ courageously into the desert of stillness, silence, and simplicity.  Help me have a fruitful and meaningful Lent.  Help me when I forget or make mistakes.  Help me keep going onward to the Cross with the hope of the Resurrection in my heart. Amen.


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