The Messianic Voice of Isaiah

Introduction and Desired Outcome

Over the centuries, Isaiah has become known as “the prince of the prophets.” One historical possibility for that title is the existing evidence that Isaiah was a member of the royal family of his day. Though the evidence is not indisputable, the fluid and welcomed access and influence he had seems to point in this direction. The name Isaiah was one historically used in the period for people of family claims to hierarchy. There is a unique majesty to Isaiah that separates it from other Old Testament books. It contains an unparalleled sweep of theology, all the way from creation to the new heavens and new earth, and from utter destruction to glorious redemption. But for our purposes, it is the alarmingly specific and direct prophecies of Jesus – Israel’s Messiah that draw us in to its shocking revelations and insights.

In many ways the book of Isaiah is a “mini-me” Bible. The book has two major divisions, and like the Bible the main theme of the first part is judgment and the main theme of the second is hope (Messiah). Beyond this, all the main themes of the Bible can be found in Isaiah. Isaiah (like no other prophet) reveals the glory of the Davidic Messiah and the shame of the Suffering Servant together in a way that helps the New Testament picture of Christ make real sense. Personally, it does not particularly matter whether Isaiah was royalty. It is his timeless revelations of Messianic truth that create the curiosity and intrigue for anyone seeking knowledge and understanding of God’s sovereignty and plans for all humanity.

The desired outcome for the teaching series “The Messianic Voice of Isaiah” is to establish a historical and biblical path of God’s revelation to the human heart (Jesus), from the old covenant (Israel) to the new covenant (all who believe). And finally, to equip true followers of Jesus with a precise and present-day apologetics for their faith and belief that the promises of God and biblical prophecies are real and true.

  • pastor steve Isaac

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