Reading: Ephesians 4:29, Philippians 4:6-7

When you marry someone you take vows to love for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. We automatically assume that this applies only to each other. In reality, although we don’t repeat these vows out loud for all to hear, whenever we come into a genuinely invested relationship, we subconsciously promise these same things.

About 8 months ago, tragedy struck. During those few months, there were many challenging and critical moments. Our niece passed away unexpectedly. She was joy, laughter, passion, and had a smile that could light up any room. Her type of passing leaves a distinctive kind of grief, filled with unanswered questions, and at times immense guilt. This is a topic we don’t openly discuss. It is still quite painful. With pain comes growth and change. This loss has definitely changed our family. The moment we heard of her passing we knew things had to change in our family. We knew that we as parents, friends, and people in general had to change. God revealed things to us through her passing. In these moments God reminded us once again of the importance of our words.

The Holy Spirit revealed in those painful moments of grief and loss that our words can build or break another person’s heart and spirit. What we say is a direct line to our heart, and our heart a direct line to our spirit. He reminded us that He lives in us, and that even in the little moments love should always come first.

He revealed to us that it is always more important to live in the moment, and to do that we must learn to live in Him, which we discover is allowing Him to live in us. Memories are made when we choose to be present. These moments are brief and they will pass quickly. So we savor the opportunity to be present in someone’s life.

A little guy once told me that we need to love people on the good days and the bad. I’ve learned you must love them on the bad, because that is when they needed love the most. Speaking of that little guy, he showed us what loving someone in sickness and in health really looks like. As a family we experienced a moment where time stopped. Our future felt paralyzed for a brief moment. Our energetic, spunky, wild 4 year old was about to battle his own Goliath. At a time where it would have been only natural to let fear and doubt consume you, God came in and scooped us into his mercies before the enemy had a chance to stir our hearts. He placed prayer warriors around us at a time when we felt overwhelmed and at certain moments angry. He gave us family when ours was distant. In those anxious moments He revealed simple truths to us.

Do not be anxious about anything. Pray and be thankful in every situation. Present your needs to God. God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds.

God revealed to us that the only way we were going to get through this season of our life with peace in our hearts was to trust in his plan. We did not need to worry about tomorrow or the weeks to come. He revealed that in some moments and times of turbulence, all you can do is pray. We do not control the bigger picture. We cannot fix everything, but He can.

The most important thing God has revealed to us in these “big life moments” is the impact of love. As a couple we take our vows to each other seriously. As human beings we never really considered these vows in regards to others. God has shown us that being invested in someone’s life means loving with prayer and encouragement. It means being kind before being judgmental. Most importantly, it means being present and appreciating the time you have with them - even on the bad days.

Brad and Karena Krueger

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