Review of Class One - Spiritual Gifts definitions - Spiritual Gifts assessment

Hindrances to Serving with Your Gifts - Identified by Survey Anxiety Fear Doubt Uncertainty Perfectionism Insecurity Pride Unqualified Unequipped Incapable Time Finances Distractions Laziness

Categorize above hindrances by identifying if they are an: 1) emotion 2) condition 3) circumstance

The Role of Truth in Processing Hindrances - Process hindrances through the Grid of Truth using the Four What’s - What does God’s Word say? - What is the character of God? - What is the character of man? - What is my biblical response to this hindrance? - Scriptural Frameworks for Gifts: Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, Matthew 22:37-40 - Identify source of the gift - self or Holy Spirit - Stewardship of the gift requires serving God’s people - Serving is an outward illustration of loving God and our neighbor

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