Job Entry #4

Entry 4

The mystery of friendship right? Where in the world do I go with that? The quickest place would be to my hurts from failed or torn friendships. But that’s too easy, and certainly leans just a shade towards ME in the objectivity department - and you know what I mean. Rightfully and logically as I start to process friends and friendships I have to start with me. I can do that by answering one question… What kind of friend am I? The answer to which depends on who I am asking, and what period in my life are we asking about. And there is the answer - not pretty, not bad, but pretty bad. I can and have done better. When I read and re-read the story of Job it becomes so clear how incredibly important friendship is. From personal experience I know how the role of friendship becomes so very critical to successfully navigating the emotional and spiritual trauma brought about through life’s trials, tragedies, tribulations, and afflictions. During these times I probably have three categories for friends:

(One) - No Surprise

The people I have treated well and given noticeable effort towards being what a good friend should be, usually come through for me. Those I have not treated well and have not been what a good friend should be, do not come through for me. Any questions here? Probably not, we all saw it coming!

(Two) - Hmmm, That’s Surprising

Those special people who show up for you when you need it most, and expect it least. The people who can say the least, and yet it helps the most. The people who give you the most, but have the least to give. Lots of questions here huh? Never saw it coming.

(Three) - Why Am I Not Surprised?

There are also the special people with whom you have poured your heart and soul, they never show up when you need them most, and when they do, it is only to turn on you and to bury you while you are officially broken and afflicted. They always say too much, and it hurts the worst. They take the most, and give back the least. No questions please. I saw it coming but did nothing to stop it.

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