Holy Saturday

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Holy Saturday Psalm 6 Luke 24: 25-26 Romans 8: 5-8 Blind : Escape : Fear : Sorrow Jesus is dead. The hopes, the dreams and the aspirations of all of his followers have died along with him. What began on Sunday as a triumphant entrance into the city where God was believed to have lived has succumbed to the reality of the times. The religious institution, the tyrannical government set in place, and ultimately the very people that Jesus was sent to save have rejected him. His followers now hide, both out of shame and fear. Because they chose only to see events in the light of their wants and desires, all have missed the fact that prophecy had been fulfilled. It was impossible for events to have played out any differently. Enter us. Our lives walk a path charted out for us before we were ever born. Truth is presented, along with deception, and our amazing gift from God, choice, is what we are armed with. Often times choosing to follow Jesus seems downright insane, at least choosing to follow all that he has to say. To obtain control we must learn dependence. To become great we must become the least. To gain life, we must seek death. Victory is impossible to claim when temporal facts are the only ones weighed. Events must be witnessed through a spiritual lens. You cannot be a Christian and give into the world (look to the disciples cowering, hiding in fear). Though the world would attempt to destroy your life, it merely does the work of destroying your pride so that you may find eternal life in God. Where do you choose to hide from the world? Looking back on past events, what have you missed God do in your life? Is Saturday all there is? Are you spiritual or Spirit filled?

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