Holy Thursday

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Perspective - Reunion Community

Psalm 116, 117, 118 Isaiah 50: 4-11 John 15: 1-17, 17:1-25 Mark 14: 32-42 Acceptance : Denial : Boldness : Rejection A small spark is all that is required. That small spark finds its home, its launching pad to the unforeseen destruction placed deceivingly in the cool, darkened night. A small flame encounters the gentle breath of that cool night air, and seemingly instantaneous, chaos has broken loose. What seconds before was an insignificant spark has now the ability to wreak havoc upon mass amounts of wildlife; trees, plants, animals, nothing can escape from its wrath. It is destruction. It is death. A man reclines at a celebration feast with his closest companions. It is in remembrance of the deliverance of their very people thousands of years ago, deliverance ultimately brought through death. They sing songs that hint to a truth that few were willing to accept. The man speaks of his body being broken, his blood being shed, saying in fact that soon he would be with them no longer. In his words is the spark that will become the flame that will become the chaos that will become the destruction that will become the death. A forest fire claims great misfortune. It purges both good and bad alike from the landscape that it engulfs. Yet the ashes left over soil the ground providing in abundance the components of life, new life to be more accurate. This man and his companions would leave the wonderful feast and wander into a cool, darkened night. Hate, envy, and denial would accompany as closer friends than said companions. Still, an understanding rested upon that man. He knew that just as the forest could never be born anew without the fire, that hearts, souls and minds could never escape damnation without the purging fire of death. Self sacrifice is the only means to new life. Darkness must be entered in order for light to illuminate it. What is something that has been purged in your life? Is death/destruction rooted in evil? Can you be dependent on God without being in a position of dependence? Is Thursday worth it?

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