Holy Wednesday

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Perspective - Reunion Community

John 12: 17-50 Matthew 26: 6-16 Ezekiel 2: 3-10 Draw the Line : Live or Die : Die to Live The pursuit of happiness, the American dream. Security, safety, life. Sounds simple, rooted in logic, preserving what was ultimately gifted to us all along, life. “Choose Life” is a common term used for bumper stickers and protest signs of pro-life Christians, and understandably so. Yet Jesus’ teaching casts a shadow of doubt upon pre-conceived notions of the preservation of life. “Choose Jesus” seems a more accurate portrayal of his teachings. He raises the question – Is it truly life if self-indulgence / self-preservation is bought at the price of your soul? The three days after Jesus final entrance into Jerusalem he taught in the temple courts. His teachings began to boldly outline God’s plan for salvation…LIFE! It was rejection, in opposition to what would seem to be a successful revolt. It was death, a notion in stark contrast to typical conquest thinking. On Wednesday a line was being drawn. No longer could one straddle the line, remaining lukewarm. No, a side would soon have to be chosen, even if the consequences of such a decision were still vague…FAITH! - decision waits for no person. And contrary to rational thought, the path placed before Jesus would contradict what nearly all expected in their own minds and hearts. Very few understood the forming landscape, but soon all would be forced to witness the truth. Where does the Holy Spirit direct you? How does your perception of reality match up with Jesus’ teachings? Is it Wednesday in your life? Does decision wait for you? Can you choose a side not knowing the consequences?

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