Holy Tuesday

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Perspective - Reunion Community

1 Samuel 22 Matthew 22: 15-45

Click on Scripture reference to read or listen Attempts : Chosen : Common Goals : Conspiracy The war for truth rages on. Those caught in its path, those slain by its violence, are both the innocent and guilty alike. King Saul was a man mad with rage, so mad that he believed his own truth about his loyal servant David. Priests, children and many others paid the price for King Saul’s madness, for his pursuit to legitimize his version of the truth. So too the religious authority of Jesus’ time laid claim to a campaign to solidify their presentation of reality. It was ultimately rooted in madness. The Pharisees and Herodians (the Pharisees being opposed to Roman rule and the Herodians who supported policies instituted by Rome) even joined forces to catch Jesus in a trap. Two groups whose essential beliefs differed so greatly defied common sense to defeat a shared enemy. However, the only thing uncovered this day would be the embarrassment of both groups. Though at times truth may be viciously attacked, it cannot be defeated. King Saul’s madness led to his own demise and the succession of David as king. The madness portrayed by religion led to the ushering in of the greatest Kingdom the world would ever know. It was the fear of God which would drive Jesus’ enemies towards a conspiracy that would forever change the world. Can you pursue truth while contradicting your very own well held beliefs? Is victory more important than integrity? Does the end justify or determine the means? Is there a “Tuesday” situation in your life?

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