Does God Exist?

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Can you prove that God exists?

First – the question of whether something exists or not.

Second – the question of whether we know it exists.

Third – the question of whether we have a reason for our knowledge.

Fourth – the question of whether this reason amounts to a proof.

Fifth – the question of whether it is scientific proof, a proof by the scientific method.

A thing can exist whether we know it or not.

The answer to number two presupposes an affirmative answer to number one.

Many Christians think that God’s existence is something we cannot lead others to by reason.

Most of the reasons we give for what we believe amount to probabilities, not proofs.

The scientific method - experiment, observation, and measurement.

(philosophical proofs can be good proofs, but they do not have to be scientific proofs)

Deductive Argument:

Major premise or general principle

Minor premise states particular data in our experience that come under principle

Conclusion follows from applying general principle to particular case


Deductive Argument:

Major Premise: where there is design, there must be a designer

Minor Premise: the existence of design throughout the universe

Conclusion: there must be a universal designer

Cause and Effect

The Principle of Sufficient Reason


Cause of Motion

Cause of a Beginning to Existence

Cause of Present Existence

Cause of Goodness or Value

Beings that need causes: contingent or dependent

Beings whose essence is to exist: necessary being

The universe contains only dependent beings


“God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob, not of philosophers” – Pascal

You cannot compare “God’s” causing to man or natures – Hume

Self-Contradiction, if everything needs a cause, what about God – Bertrand Russell

Infinite Regress, just as in mathematics

•Transcendent, Eternal, Uncaused, Immortal, Self-Existing, Independent, All-Perfect

•The concept of cause is analogical – not exact but alike

•Dependent need a cause, not necessaries

•The number 1

“I felt it in my bones that this universe does not explain itself” – C.S. Lewis

See Romans Ch1-7

Genesis Ch1-2

...concept from apologetics by Peter Kreeft

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