Holy Spirit Come

Red Letter Treatment

Holy Spirit come and please stay, fill my heart with your Love don't go away Cause everyday

its like I pray

to find solutions to self inflicted problems, self-created confusion

This institution we create

like we're the leader

is a castle bound to crumble to its knees,

I'm a believer

And Lord I need you to grasp me, take a hold of me.

Cuz all the truth I found

your word was never told to me

What you can see in a second of self reflection

is a mess of a man bound to God and His Perfection

and even though I'm not worthy

I'm in a hurry

to see what you see in me

cause I'm worried

you might have heard me

That single moment I doubted

is not a moment I'm proud of

but in that moment

I could hear you the loudest

All I needed was a minute to breathe

grab your cup with both hands and drink in deep

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