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Reunion Kids Community

Children's Ministry at Reunion Church - We Believe Children are a Gift from God and one of life’s greatest blessings.


Our Vision is that through Christ's love in our lives and through biblical teaching, the children here at the Reunion Community Church will put their hope in the Lord and develop into mature disciples of Christ Jesus! 

Our Goals: Our goal is to equip families and teachers with the resources to effectively disciple the next generation, building relationships with each child and their families.

At Reunion, Sprouts Garden, Sonshine Park, and the Vine District are more than just babysitting. We actively demonstrate how much God loves each child in a safe and nurturing environment.  All adults in our children's ministry programs are background checked!

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to partner with families in equipping and raising up the next generation to hope, grow, and trust in the Lord with all their heart and mind. 

Questions about our Children's Ministry?  

Feel free to contact us.

Phone: 623-979-5465


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sprouts garden

6 weeks to 3 years old

At Reunion, Sprouts Garden and Sonshine Park are more than just babysitting. We get on the children's level to show them how much God loves and cares for them in a safe and nurturing environment. We have short, weekly, easy to understand lessons that reinforce just how much Jesus is in love with them.


Times for both Sprouts Garden and SonShine Park are:



9am & 10:30am



6:30pm - 8pm 


All adults are background checked!


sonshine park

pre-k to Kindergarten


9am & 10:30am



6:30pm - 8pm 


All adults are background checked!


the vine district

1st to 3rd grade & 4th to 6th grade


6:30pm - 8pm 



Small-Group Devotional & Worship

9:00a - 10:00a


Reunion Kids Community

10:30am - 12:15pm


Children worship with their families, then they are released to age-appropriate classes


Reunion Kids Club - Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Current Curriculum

Experiments In Faith

Idea: God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. Pure science will always point us back to our loving Creator.

Memory Verse: “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” - Job 5:9 (NIV)

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Special Needs Vision 

Our goal at Reunion Community Church is to provide anyone with a disability the hope and dignity to help find their place, where they fully belong in the body of Christ.

Respite: We partner with Joni & Friends of Arizona for providing 3 hour respite events. We are in the process on trying to make this a monthly service on a Saturday. Parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to rest and take a breath while trained staff and volunteers lead the kids in games, crafts, music and more.


Please visit for all upcoming opportunities for us to serve you and your family.  

Special Needs Ministry

Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am

Reunion Special Needs Ministry provides an aquarium-themed sensory room where background-checked volunteers minister the love of Jesus, and provide a safe environment for both adults and children with special needs.

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